Domain and Server Hosting

Technology doesn't have to be hard - especially when someone else does it!

Custom Email and Domain Hosting - A professional look for your business!

Just as important as your business signage, your email address is commonly the first impression of your business - you need it to be right!

Have you ever thought about the potential customer impact of using a Gmail or Yahoo email address for your business? Do potential customers believe you are a real businsess when using a free email account?

Custom Domain Hosting allows you to have your own domain (the part) and customized email address(s) like instead of

You'd be surprised how inexpensive it is to make a good first digital impression, contact us below for more information.

Full-Service Hosting/Virtualization - Want your own server but not the hassle?

Do you have more customized IT needs where having your own server(s) is the way to go?

With GarageISP you can have your own virtual servers/workstations, static IP, firewall etc. without you having to worry about the heat, noise, reliability of building and hosting yourself.

Contact GarageISP with your requirements and see how we can help!